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Player Name: Nerdman
Player Journal: [profile] nerdman
Age: 17
Contact: PM Nerdman or Contact Post
Characters Played: None

Name: Reginald Jeeves
Canon: Jeeves and Wooster
Canon Point: The last book/episode of the series.
History: Jeeves’ Wiki page
Personality: Jeeves is a man of stoic, dignified grace. He refuses to let anything startle him, although he will admit when something has gone according to plan. He is remarkably intelligent and well-read. He often quotes Shakespeare or poems to make a point. Despite this intelligence, he is oddly satisfied with life as a valet.
Bertie Wooster, his employer, describes Jeeves as a magical sort of being. He tends to appear or disappear from a room when you aren't looking. He seems to "glide" and "shimmer" out of rooms.
Whenever he speaks up, his words seem to rotate between some wise, philosophical words, a lengthy explanation, or a simple statement.
While nearly always completely stone-faced, he has demonstrated a tendency to snark at some of the more asinine antics of his master. He prefers subtle, stealth insults to full-blown sarcasm.
Jeeves also has a very unique morality. He has no problem committing various crimes to help his master, even suggesting crimes if it suits their needs. These schemes often However, he refuses to have anything he finds unsavory in front of him. This includes anything unfashionable or particularly ugly. To him, wardrobe is serious business.
While never stated, it is generally implied that he sees Bertie as a sort of friend. Presumably, he is just as willing to launch into schemes for all of his friends as he does for Bertie. On the other hand, he has shown a complete distaste for people that have upset his family, refusing to help them.
Strengths: Jeeves seems to succeed in nearly everything he does. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything from science and history to philosophy and psychology to geography, politics, and literature. He is a master conniver, often able to whip together schemes in a moment’s notice. He can easily calm down any angry maniac with a few words. He has once mentioned that he was in World War I, and has demonstrated physical strength whenever his usual tactics fail. He can make a fantastic cure for hangovers.
Weaknesses: He doesn't know how to crack safes. He says it requires a unique upbringing and education.
Possessions: Clothes, mainly a couple suits and ties. A bowler hat is also included. A few books on philosophy, particularly Spinoza.
Pony/Animal Type: Earth pony.
Cutie Mark: Here

First Person:
[ Today, a very professionally written scroll may reach the population of Ponyville.]

Ahem. If there is no objections, I shall introduce myself to the people of the general population. My name is Reginald Jeeves. I have recently arrived in the vicinity of this municipality in the form of a creature of an equine nature. By careful observation of the denizens of this community, I have come to the conclusion that this is considered a commonplace circumstance. If I could receive some assistance understanding the nature of this borough, I would greatly appreciate it.

I also hope to find a chance to apply for a position suitable for my occupational experience. I have worked as a valet for many years. I have found it to be a most satisfying work environment.

Thank you.

Third Person:
Jeeves found himself making his way through the town square. Surrounded by ponies and creatures of all different shapes and sizes, he discovered a mild unease in this new environment.

He noted to himself that it was to be expected. When one is stolen away in the night and forced into a strange and unfamiliar body, it's only natural to feel some discomfort. The only option currently available was to simply find something to occupy his time.

He nodded to a few familiar faces as he trotted in the direction of the market.

That was another thing. 'Trotting.' His knowledge of animals wasn't quite as vast as his other areas of expertise, but he knew a fair amount. There were just a few things about being a horse that didn't add up. While it was a relief, he still found himself surprised by his ability to talk in this form. Not to mention the unicorns and pegasi running everywhere.

He paused and shook his head. No, that wasn't very important. Whatever the odd circumstances, it was best to simply take whatever was thrown at him. It would be uncouth for a gentleman's gentleman to behave otherwise.

Pushing his many queries aside, Jeeves proceeded to his destination posthaste.


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